AMIS, A More Inclusive Society – formerly known as TEH – – was founded on November 11th, 1994, with the goal of fighting against the social exclusion of vulnerable people and groups in different countries. In 2019, AMIS has 516 members. AMIS is working on a voluntary basis to develop better opportunities and inclusion for the most vulnerable groups and individuals. These may be people with disabilities, orphans, families with violence, elderly people, psychiatric patients, and other people.

AMIS is an experienced NGO working with activities and projects nationally and transnationally for 25 years. The key focuses are on the empowerment and inclusion measures for people of all ages who are at risk of social exclusion for one reason or another: children, youth, and adults with disabilities, people with mental illness, homeless and/or other vulnerable groups. In the past half a dozen years, AMIS has worked with the UN Development Goals and advocated for social and cultural sustainability as important to the overall sustainability efforts.

AMIS is a project organization that facilitates the coordination and implementation of project activities. Its main reason was to create an environment that fosters interactions among the team members with a minimum number of disruptions, overlaps and conflict. Hence, AMIS has a small core project coordinator team (4 positions) and the administrations team (3 positions). For all project and training activities is utilizing its network of very experienced consultants and senior experts from all areas of the society of which many have worked with international projects at all levels as well as with the implementation of national and regional public services in the areas of focus for AMIS.

AMIS is working on an advocating and involving approach based on ‘it matters’ and ‘it can be done’ strategy, i.e., demonstrating that vulnerable people have the right and are able to participate in their community – being living, education, work, society.

AMIS project experts work with LMS Moodle for different target groups, teachers, facilitators, HEI students with disabilities together with other organisations, where the focus is how to make distance learning more accessible.

Team members:
Henrik Haubro Pedersen
– CEO, researcher, senior expert.

MA Psychology and BA Education (theoretical) and BA Teaching. More than 35 years of experience with VET curriculum development and distance learning; and inclusion of people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

Gabriel Värtopeanu
– Project Coordinator, researcher, trainer.
BA in Electronics engineering/research specialization. BA Law, Team Europe Expert and speaker at numerous conferences on project development and QA. More than 30 years of experience working with EU projects and project implementation in more fields with a special emphasis on capacity building of professionals and training programmes for VET and other educational services.

Niels Terp
– IT manager and specialist in IT architecture, Moodle programming and infrastructure
He has worked in several eLearning projects and will coordinate the IT technical input of AMIS.

Hüseyin Koc
– Secretariat worker
He works AMIS, firstly as an apprentice, but later on full-time basis through flex job, he works with translation, bookkeeping and written several minutes for meetings for either internal AMIS meeting, or meetings in connection with projects.

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