APREDIN was established in 2005 for the promotion of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Portugal, and a view to supporting the creation of innovative start-ups for the renewal of the
economic and social fabric and, in general, developing Portuguese regions.
Under this activity, APREDIN promoted entrepreneurship courses, held in conjunction with some of its members, especially LISPOLIS and the municipality of Montijo.

Later APREDIN engaged in various European projects through EU programs, with partners from other European and North African countries. The most paradigmatic case was the
participation in the INTERREG Medoc TECHNOPOLIS, MED TECHNOPOLIS and MED 4helix+ projects. The evolution of this activity and the search for their goals led APREDIN to promote the realization of EGGPEL – Estados Gerais da Gestão nos Países de Expressão Latina.
This congress, was held at the Estoril Congress Centre (Portugal) in March 2012 and APREDIN and was such a great success it resulted in CEIPEL – Congresso do Empreendedorismo e Inovação nos Países de Expressão Latina. This second congress was held at Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa in July 2018.

Currently, the activity of APREDIN – DYNAMIC NETWORK XXI focuses on the following areas:
⦁ Participation in European projects for innovation activities, entrepreneurship, and internationalization.
⦁ Developing the Blue Growth sectors in Portugal, through specific programs that engage research, entrepreneurship, and investment
⦁ Cooperation initiatives that involve the Portuguese Ecosystem and foreign start-ups, investors, or researchers.

Especially in view of the Latin countries, the XXI Dynamic Network has been developing activities to support the internationalization of SMEs, startups, angel investors and researchers.
This support is delivered both in terms of organization of inbound and outbound soft-landing activities and in terms of setting up internal projects under the Portugal2020 program.

Team members:
Prof. Fernando C. Gaspar
– Chairman of APREDIN since 2012, has a long experience in European cooperation projects, particularly INTERREG MED projects.

Author of books and scientific papers on entrepreneurship and marketing, published in journals and conferences, available at Reviewer for scientific conferences ICSB – International Council for Small Business World Conference and USASB – United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.
His main areas of expertise are open innovation 4 helixes systems and Big Data Marketing in the support of entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Prof. Luis Fé de Pinho
– Expert trainer/facilitator – PhD. in management, an MBA and is an engineer.

He has published books and scientific papers on marketing and entrepreneurship. He has a long experience in program design, management and evaluation, curriculum development, and ICT based learning. He has worked on projects related to the design and development of interactive learning environments, and innovation infusion in organizations focused on social innovation and social justice. As a researcher and expert facilitator/trainer he is involved in programs focused on educational planning, the integration of ICT in education, developing educational materials for online learning and professional training, and assessment of learning needs.

Carlos Cortes
– Manager of internationalization activities, particularly the soft-landing programs for start-ups to enter the EU market.

He has a degree in management and long experience with international management, after living and working for decades in south-east Asia and south America, before returning to Portugal. He is an expert in innovation, particularly open innovation strategies, and internationalization.

Fernando Mota
– Manager of communication activities

Fernando Mota has an MBA and a degree in mechanical engineering. He also has a lot of experience in consulting, mostly in the field of tourism and food products. Moreover, he has taught university courses in the field of marketing and has worked in marketing executive roles.

Sarah Corsino

Background in law school, and a masters in regional development. She has great experience with coordinating all needed activities and work to establish proper consortia and submit proposals within several areas, especially in local development and social housing. Also, she has accumulated experience in preparation and coordination of proposals for collaborative European and National programs and as Technical manager of the implementation of projects related with regional development and interregional collaboration. Finally, her experience in public relations for the Portuguese government helped her gather knowledge about promotional activities.

José Fidalgo
– Project coordinator – degree in management and a masters in regional public management.

He has more than 15 years of experience in National and European Projects. His occupational fields are in cultural activities and European networks, like the European network of freeports (Vilas Francas da Europa). His experience in local politics allowed him to develop his coordination skills.

Prof. Fernando C. Gaspar

Rua Miguel Torga 7 E, 2625-691 Vialonga, Portugal


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