Center for Education and Project Management

The NGO Center for Education and Project Management is a non-governmental organisation, founded by the multidisciplinary team of project managers with the experience in implementation of EU funded projects through transnational and cross border cooperation Programmes, and other sources of funding.

Work of the center is based on two main pillars:

  1. Education of adults through trainings, workshops
  2. On spot educations regarding all the subjects related to PM.

These educations include: project proposal writing, development of business plans, cost benefit analyses, interpretation of public calls for potential applicants, and second pillar: project management itself, through implementation of projects for the Center and other beneficiaries.

Among other activities, significant for this project, Center for Education and Management is focused on specialised programs with the accent on PM and technical aid to stakeholders interested in PM. Building institutional capacities of NGO and public sector in BiH is a forthcoming task of the Center for Education and Management in order for stakeholders to be able to participate at present national and IPA calls for proposals as well as future EU Programmes, once the BIH enters the EU.

Also, the task of the Center for Education and Management is inter-institutional cooperation with organisations involved in PM, development of the network of knowledge and information, development of transnational projects and to participate at scientific, professional, and public events regarding PM and also to protect the rights and improvement of position of project managers in BiH and society in general.

The accent of education will be on STEM, dual and lifelong learning, currently focusing on vocational education and training. The aim of the Center is development of educational programs according to EU standards:

  1. Transfer of knowledge and promotion of development.
  2. Planning of sustainable rural development through smart cities according to green, blue and circular economy concepts is also a very important aspect in the work of the center.

Trainings, Community led local development and social entrepreneurship are at the moment essential for improvement of the NGO but also for public and private sectors in BIH.

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