Alternata S.I.LO.S. is a social cooperative, founded in 2007, under the planning push of some members and founding members of territorial associations operating since 2001 in the municipality of Guidonia – Montecelio (RM), by citizens who participated in other associations and non-profit organizations of the same territory (Ass Tribùle and Ass. Atlantide), among young professionals of the Roman sector, and thanks to the assignment of a public contribution for the activation of a social cooperative in the territory (Call Filas).

Aims and activities of the organization:
Alternata promotes active citizenship, giving empowerment opportunities to individuals and social community, promoting social inclusion and improvement of life quality’s, especially for people (children, youths, adults) in risk of social exclusion or who find difficulties to satisfy their essential needs or to exercise their fundamental rights.
Alternata has specific expertise in areas like: social inclusion; freedom, security and justice; educational and training; artistic and cultural; promotion of no profit sector and contribute with public institutions, other social organisations, and local communities to the construction of service networks, synergies of ideas and human resources, giving a response to territorial questions.

Alternata operates in local territories, where migrants are increasing without suitable measures that could favourite their social inclusion, and so has been created phenomenon like marginalization, criminality, and sexual mistreatment. Our approach aims at growing respect and welcome conditions, especially for women and children to help them to have the same dignity and rights like other citizens.

In these years, Alternata S.I.Lo.S. has implemented collaboration with institutional bodies, private social institutions of the non-profit world and citizenship in general, maturing specific skills and experiences.

Cultural Area, Artistic and Territorial Aggregation:
⦁ 2017-2018. organization of workshops and cultural artistic activities within the project “LA CAoSA GIUSTA” of Formia (social and cultural reuse of a property confiscated from organized crime – (still active)
⦁ 2013-2015. organization of initiatives in collaboration with PROLOCOFORMIA aimed at social inclusion and cultural and aggregation promotion of citizenship through exhibitions, concerts, workshops. CINEBIOFAMILY territorial cinematic review
⦁ From September 2011 SILOSò is no Profit programming within the SILOSò space. Thematic meetings, live concerts, cultural aperitifs, video projections.

Social Inclusion Area
⦁ From 2018 (end of the 2020 project). Partner of the European project “C.O.D.E. Competence Opportunites for Digital Employment 2017-1-414 “for the social inclusion of young women through training and work placement programs in the field of new technologies funded by the Active Youth Call Fund – Iceland, Liechtestein, Norway Fond (still active);
⦁ 2011-2012-2013-2014. STEP BY STEP project funded by the Lazio Region and implemented in collaboration with the municipality of Guidonia-Montecelio and the Folias cooperative (lead institution). The project, aimed at citizens from systems of exit from the use of substances and included in the inclusion paths of the District SocioSanitario RM G, was aimed at the implementation of training and work placement pathways
⦁ 2010 – 2011 in collaboration with the Parsec cooperative and in collaboration with the Municipalities of the District Social Health District RM G2 and funded by the Province of Rome, activation and implementation of the “MIGRARinPROVINCIA” project. Territorial intervention aimed at the social inclusion of New Citizens, “migrants” citizens neocomunitari.
⦁ The intervention is aimed at minors, young people and their families with school support activities, laboratory activities, territorial education, territorial animation, accompanied sending, territorial network work. / f.b. MigrarInProvincia
⦁ 2009 – participation in the technical coordination of the RM G 2 District Health and Social Work District Office on policies aimed at the social inclusion of migrant citizens and the fight against bullying within the school context

Rights Area, Solidarity, Legality and Peace
⦁ From 2017 February: co-management of the property confiscated from organized crime in collaboration with other entities and on the basis of a public tender by the municipality of Formia. Social use and solidarity of the asset – project called LA CAoSAGIUSTA, including a welcoming migrant women service (still active)
⦁ 2010 and 2011 participates in the international meeting “Olè” on Legality organized by Ass. Libera and Flare (European anti-mafia network)
⦁ 2009 -2010: collaboration as a partner of the Terra del Fuoco association of Turin for the implementation of the Train of Memory project and a referent for the territory of the Lazio Region and the Province of Rome for the same project.

Team members:
Federica Marciano
– Project responsible and Administrative Monitoring

Legal representative of the cooperative and responsible for several projects (the Casa Giusta – well-confiscated management of organized crime and Domino – welcoming migrant women). Degree in political science. Several experiences in the Migration and Social Inclusion sector. Project management of European Refugee Funds.

Emanuele Petrella
– Project coordinator, Monitoring Activities and Training Activities for Operators and Recipients-Project Beneficiaries.

WELLcHOME project manager and project coordinator and European Refugee Fund projects (today FAMI). Trainer and designer. Degree in psychology.

Sabrina Yousfi
– Social Operator and Mediator

Social worker and mediator with many years of experience in the field of migration.

Antonella Grossi
– Social Operator and Legal Operator

Anthropologist and legal operator in the field of migration with many years of experience.

Emanuele Petrella
Project coordinator



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