Welcome to the Moodle platform of REACT-DIGITAL: LOGIN


This is the eLearning platform and the training modules produced by the project.

We have made a small introduction to the platform:

Please have a look at the Introduction video made by the Italian partner made with AI in 3D:

If you use a smartphone or tablet you can download the Moodle app.

Here are some steps on finding and accessing the app:

1) Download App (moodle) – Moodle – Apps on Google Play

2) As soon as the app opens, add the platform site in the search bar (https://react-digital-platform.eu)

3) Login or register will be required:

3a) Login option 1: users already registered can use the credentials they use for the platform site to log in.

3b) Login option 2: users already registered and currently logged into the platform site, can go on to their profile and a QR code appears.

You can scan that QR code to log in automatically, as an alternative to using your credentials.

3c) Register: users not already registered on the platform must click ‘create account’ and complete personal details to create an account

that can be used both on the app and the platform site.

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You can also find a short introduction for using a tablet here.